The Process

EIGA - Electrode Induction-melting Gas Atomization

The EIGA process was developed especially for the production of reactive metal powders like titanium or zirconium. The outstanding characteristic of the process is the combination of gas atomization with a crucible freemelting process. A rotating electrode is melted by an induction coil without any contact. A thin film of liquid metal flows down the cone of the electrode. The molten metal is then led directly through the gas nozzle system, where the metal is atomized. The particles produced solidify in an atomization tower and are collected in a powder container.

In this way we get very fine, pure powders, with a spherical shape, free of ceramic impurities and with low oxygen contents. The high speed of solidification leads to a fine micro structure.

The good flow properties and the fact that it is possible to economically produce powders smaller than 45 μm in production scale opens the way for our titanium powders to the metal powder 3D printing -processes.

Powders with particle size up to 250 µm are used mainly for hot isostatic pressing or sintering.

As raw material we need electrodes of the metal to be atomized with a length up to 1000 mm and a diameter up to 80 mm. There's no change of chemical composition of raw material during atomization.


  • Crucible free melting process
  • Gas atomization
  • Atomizing medium: Argon or Nitrogen